‘iPhone 4S’ To Have Dual-Mode CDMA/GSM Capabilities According to Leaked Label?

Will the next iPhone be a dual-mode CDMA/GSM device as previously rumoured? According to 9to5Mac, their sources, have agreed this is possible based on the details from a leaked label:

The model number from the label is MD239 (a 16GB unit), while the model number for the “better” (likely 32GB unit) is MD234. According to Mr. X, this sequence is sensible, but could just be a coincidence. If legitimate, the next-generation iPhone will be marketed as the iPhone 4S, but we definitely would not call that anywhere near confirmed. Another tidbit: IMEI and MEID being together on the label would seem to confirm this new iPhone to be GSM+CDMA


A true unlocked ‘world phone’ would be a game changer and turn the carriers upside down. It has never been done before on a wide scale, but Apple could definitely pull it off. They already sell unlocked units from their retail and online stores in Canada and more, allowing users to forego signing lengthy three year contracts.