iPhone 4th Gen Pics Real, Again?

What a roller coaster of yes/no real/fake these latest pics of a supposed fourth generation iPhone has caused. Engadget posted some pics they had received, claiming to be a new iPhone. They looked pretty good. Then some one else found a TwitPic of what looked like the same device, adding some validity to the pics.

Then this morning, MacRumors reported the the pics were in fact, fakes, and they were actually pics of a Japanese knock off of the iPhone.

Now, Engadget is back, claiming they had a picture of this device all along, and just didn’t realize it! In this pic, apparently from an Apple test lab, we see the iPad, and an iPhone, in some type of test casing, but if you look in the upper right hand corner, you can see what looks like the device they had pictures of yesterday! I don’t know what to believe anymore!!

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