iPhone 5 Hardware Details Revealed in iOS 6 Beta?

9to5Mac reports they have discovered hardware details for the next iPhone 5 based on information they have acquired from a beta version of iOS 6.

Their sources revealed evidence of an ARM S5L8950X processor, known internally with the name A5-***. As for the GPU, numbers note a new or unknown chip identified as SGX543RC* (the asterisks are to protect their source), and mention of 1GB of RAM.

This unit runs 6.0 seed 10A33X with iBoot version iBoot-153x.x (iOS 5.* has an iBoot version of iBoot-12xx.x.x, depending on the device and version).

They have also been told iOS 6 is well underway (it is widely expected to debut at WWDC on June 11th) and the next iPhone launch could come once again in October or even sooner. Also, a new leaded image of the revamped iOS Maps app was also posted:

[via 9to5Mac]