iPhone 5 Owners Now Reporting ‘Light Leak’ Issues

Apple can’t seem to catch a break these days. It has gone from the iOS 6 Maps issues, to scuffgate, and now what is called a ‘light leakage’ issue. This problem isn’t anywhere as huge as the others, but involves light leaking from between the glass display and aluminium antenna. The photo above highlights the area of concern.

This was first discovered by MacRumors forum member ‘Leotono,’ and BGR later confirmed the problem on a device of their own. It seems the light leakage only occurs under the power button based from the photos available.

Whether this is a widespread issue, or strictly limited to specific models is unknown. In the BGR photo showcased above the iPhone 5 is a 64 GB white/silver model. Many forum posters were able to return their iPhone 5 without an issue due to this problem.

In the comments below let us know if you’re having a light leak issue with your iPhone. If you are, make sure to tag along if you own a black or white model, and whether you have a 16/32/ or 64 GB storage option.