Purported Images of the iPhone 5C Motherboard Surface [PICS]

New images have surfaced which claim to be the motherboard for Apple’s upcoming lower-cost iPhone 5C (via CtechCN). Seen below are multiple motherboards:

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The site claims the mounting holes line up with holes of a leaked iPhone 5C plastic rear casing, thus possibly confirming the legitimacy of the parts. Futhermore, claims were made over 2,000 iPhone 5S and 5C parts have made their way into markets within Shenzhen, home of one of Foxconn’s Apple manufacturing plants.

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The iPhone 5C has been rumoured to house specifications of the iPhone 5 but in a lower cost plastic shell. Reports have cited the new model could replace the existing iPhone 5 in Apple’s lineup. Yesterday, the WSJ reported Apple was set to ship the iPhone 5C to the world’s largest mobile carrier, China Mobile.