iPhone 6s Tops AnTuTu’s List of Most Powerful Smartphones in 2015

Chinese software benchmarking tool AnTuTu, which is commonly used to benchmark phones and devices based on the ARM architecture, has today revealed its global performance chart ranking the top 10 most powerful smartphones in 2015. Gathering data from its latest v6.0 benchmark, AnTuTu’s list shows that Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus is by far the most powerful smartphone of 2015 globally (via GforGames).

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It must be noted that the iPhone 6s Plus not only dominates the competition, but is also the only commercially available smartphone capable of topping the 100K points mark, with a whopping 132,620 points. Meanwhile, Samsung’s flagship Note 5 failed to even top other Android smartphones, let alone its biggest competitor the iPhone 6s, coming in at number four behind Huawei Mate 8 and Meizu Pro 5 at second and third respectively.

The Performance Ranking Report delivered by Antutu every year is one of the most popular report in the smartphone industry. Before Antutu V6.0, Antutu report only cover Android platform. But Antutu released v6.0—-a brand-new cross platform benchmark in 2015. So, Antutu 2015 performance report will cover both Android and IOS platforms, which will give a more comprehensive and directive ranking to users based Antutu Benchmark 6.0.

In Q4,2015,iPhone 6S,with its A9 processor, won the championship of performance ranking, over 130000 Antutu score . Huawei Mate 8 got NO.2 ,about 90000 Antutu score, with Hisilicon Kirin.

You can find out more about AnTuTu’s system of rankings here.