Camera Test: iPhone 6s vs ASUS ZenFone Zoom [VIDEO]

Last month, ASUS launched their ZenFone Zoom Android smartphone, which the company touted as having a “DSLR-level camera”.

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What made the ZenFone Zoom interesting was the device’s camera comes with 3x optical-zoom, thanks to a 10-element lens from Japanese optics experts HOYA. The 13MP shooter uses ASUS’ ‘PixelMaster’ camera app, while also contains four stops of “DSLR-like optical image stabilization (OIS),” plus full manual controls.

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While the $400 US smartphone’s camera has impressive specs on paper, what do actual camera enthusiasts think of it? Fstoppers put the ZenFone Zoom to the test against Apple’s iPhone 6s camera, and shared the results in a video below:

Fstoppers concluded despite the benefits of optical zoom on the ZenFone, the Android phone’s optical image stabilization for video could not compete with Apple’s iPhone 6s, which “crushed” the Asus device.

Apple’s rumoured iPhone 7, which is expected to debut this fall, has been rumoured to include a dual-lens camera system using LinX technology, an Israeli startup the iPhone maker acquired back in 2015.