iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Protector for $5.90 on Amazon, 1-Day Sale

If you’re still waiting for your iPhone 7 Plus, you probably want to have a screen protector or case ready ahead of its arrival, if you don’t like to rock your phones naked.

Amazon.ca has a one-day Lightning Deal on Tech Armor’s Ballistic Glass screen protector for iPhone 7 Plus, available for $5.90, which is 15% off its regular price.

We haven’t tried their protector before but recent reviews on Amazon.ca suggest they’re pretty decent. For $6, you can’t really go wrong, especially if you have Prime. Amazon recently bumped their free minimum shipping to $35, which sucks for smaller items–but if you have a friend with Prime, ask them to buy this for you (and have it mailed to your address) and pay them back with an Interac e-Transfer!

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The screen protector is says it offers full clarity and does not interfere with 3D Touch accuracy, plus this cover is case-friendly as it covers the flat part of the screen and not the edges. The company says offer a lifetime warranty on their protectors.

Click here to jump on the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass for iPhone 7 Plus before the deal is fully claimed (just over 15 hours to go).

Thanks @Nascarehh