iPhone 8 Renders Depict Seamless Status Bar Around Top Bezel Sensors

New iPhone 8 renders published by Forbes show how Apple could use software to integrate the space beside the top bezel sensors to seamlessly integrate the status bar.

The report sits supply chain sources through case maker Nodus, specifically stating the bezel around the 5.8-inch display will measure 4mm around each side.

“What also remains uncertain is how Apple will redesign iOS 11 to accommodate the ‘cutout’ at the top of the display which exists to accommodate the front facing camera and sensors.”

The accompanying renders certainly show how the iPhone 8 could pull off a seamless top bezel, without being an eye-sore. The report does not mention anything about Touch ID, so it still remains to be seen as to whether Apple will integrate Touch ID into the screen, place it on the rear of the device, or eliminate Touch ID entirely.