iPhone Games: Tiny Words By Codespin Inc.

Tiny Words, released earlier this month by developer Codespin Inc., is a fast-paced word puzzle game that challenges your word knowledge and quick reflexes.

The objective is, while racing against the clock, for players to use four letters to create as many four-letter words as they can. The more words you can create, the higher your score climbs and the more time you receive.

To create words, simply drag letters into the play area to create an endless number of word combinations. Eventually, as the time runs out, Tiny Words becomes a game of how fast you can move letters into the play area!

As you play, a secondary objective is to spell the “bonus word” which gets you a huge amount of points and extra time, in some cases reseting the clock back to the start.

While the bonus word is lucratice, it is tough to acheieve and changes every time you successfully spell it.

Tiny Words also supports Game Center so you can track your rank on the leaderboards.

Tiny Words is great because its simplicity delivers endless word combinations and a lot of fun! Tiny Words is available in the App Store for $0.99.