After Years of Absence, Carriers Start Selling iPhones in Argentina

After many years of “exile” from the Argentinian mobile market, the iPhone returns shortly as President Mauricio Macri seeks to re-open the South American nation to global trade, reports Bloomberg.

Iphone6s select 2015

Ever since Macri’s predecessor Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner forced manufacturers to assemble their devices in Argentina if they wanted to see them offered by carriers, the iPhone has officially disappeared from the market.

Samsung complied with Kirchner’s rules and opened a factory in Argentina, but Apple didn’t. Of course, as in every other country where it isn’t officially present, Apple phones have found their way to users via different methods.

But now that the regulatory hurdles for importing iPhones have been removed, carriers are able to import the devices, although the Apple handset will be at least 25% more expensive than locally assembled smartphones.

Still, carriers have been eager to sell the device, targeting high-end users who are willing to pay the steeper price. And carriers will also allow customers to pay for it in installments, which makes it more accessible.

The first devices will be offered in April, and one reseller envisions customers lining up for the phones, just as they do elsewhere when new versions come out.