Apple’s iPhone was the Most Popular Smartphone in Canada in 2014: comScore

The annual Canada Digital Future in Focus report has been released by comScore, detailing trends in desktop, mobile and video consumption from 2014. The whitepaper was sent out to email subscribers yesterday morning by Brent Bernie, the president of comScore Canada. We’ll be focusing on the mobile segment of the report.

According to comScore’s MobiLens data, mobile subscribers in Canada increased 5% compared to the year before, resulting in 24,318,000 users. Smartphone adoption increased to 81% of mobile subscribers (19.7 million), marking a 6% year over year increase.

These numbers are higher than the 68% smartphone penetration rate Catalyst released earlier in the week.

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As for the most popular smartphone manufacturer in Canada, that went to Apple’s iPhone, which saw 38.3% of smartphone users, followed by Samsung in second place with 32.4%.

In terms of iOS versus Android though, the latter dominated with 50.5% of the smartphone market, while iOS was at 38.3%. With way more Android phones offered by various manufacturers with various price points, this is no surprise.

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Compared to last year’s comScore data, iOS was at 37%, while Android was at 44% of mobile subscribers.

As for how we spent our time on mobile devices? Instant messengers dominated, followed by gaming and social media. More and more users are accessing social media daily, seeing a 19% increase compared to a year ago.

As for tablets? There are now 9.3 million tablets in Canada as of December 2014, a 56% jump since June of 2013. People spent the most amount of time on their tablets with gaming, followed by checking out weather, retail and social networking.

ComScore also looks at advertising in Canada, and out of the the top 10 advertisers by display ad impressions, it is worth noting TELUS ranked 7th on the list with 3.8 billion impressions, compared to General Motors, which topped the list with 5.5 billion ad impressions in 2014.

You can check out the entire comScore report here if you want further details.