iPhone SE (2022) Teardown Reveals Bigger Battery, Snapdragon X57 Modem [VIDEO]

The first teardown of the brand new iPhone SE (2022), the third-generation of the device, has now surfaced on YouTube, revealing a few interesting details around the entry iPhone.

The teardown via PBKreviews (via MacRumors) reveals the new iPhone SE has a larger 2,018 mAh battery, versus the 1,821 mAh battery of its predecessor. This larger battery allows the new model to play up to an extra two hours of video playback, and up to an extra 10 hours of audio playback compared to the previous-generation model, as advertised by Apple.

Both the phone’s display and battery are slightly different than the previous iPhone SE model, and since they use different connectors, the newest generation’s display and battery can’t be replaced with those of the older model.

Additionally, the new iPhone SE is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X57 modem, which appears to be designed for Apple as it doesn’t show on the manufacturer’s website. The modem enables 5G on the iPhone SE, but support is limited to sub-6GHz bands.

Overall, PBKreviews gives the third-generation iPhone SE a 5.5 our of 10 in repairability. We’re still waiting for iFixit’s teardown of the iPhone SE 3, so stay tuned for that.