Judge Dismisses Case Against Apple over iPhone Switching iMessage Problem

The lawsuit filed by former iPhone users against Apple claiming that, after they switched to an Android smartphone Apple’s messaging system interfered with the delivery of text messages, is now officially closed.


Earlier this year, Apple won an important ruling as US Judge Lucy Koh dismissed the plaintiffs’ request to continue as a class action lawsuit. Today marks another victory for Apple as a federal judge ruled to dismiss the case, reports Business Insider.

The ruling comes after Apple notified the court of its findings: Two of the three plaintiffs in the case dumped their iPhones after filing the lawsuit against Apple and were thus “unable to demonstrate whether texts sent to their phone numbers went to their Apple or Android devices,” the company stated in the filing.

It is worth adding, though, that iMessage had major technical issues for anyone switching from iPhone to Android. Business Insider, for example, received more than 600 emails from customers claiming that Apple’s iCloud system had failed to deliver texts if they switched to an Android smartphone.