iPhone Wins, Beats Blackberry As The Favorite Smartphone Of Mobile Employees

Until early this year, it was a common belief that “Blackberry” is the most desired smartphone among professionals and workers especially those who are always on the move. However, a study (via LA Times) carried out by iPass Global Mobile Workforce for the final quarter of 2011, proves that iPhone is now the top smartphone among mobile employees, who by definition are those workers which use mobile devices (such as laptops, smartphones and tablets) to access networks for work purposes.

Citing from the source:

The iPhone now holds 45% of the smartphone market share among mobile workers, up from 31% a year earlier. Last year BlackBerry — which used to be the overwhelming favorite among professionals — held the No. 1 spot with 35% of market share.

“BlackBerry has not really fallen from the top spot in so much as other smartphones have grown faster,” the report said. BlackBerry’s market share has declined slightly, to 32%.

The study also found that the median age of a mobile employee is 41, five years younger than a year earlier. Ninety-five percent of mobile workers now have smartphones, up from 85%, and of those 91% use their smartphones for work, compared with 69% a year earlier.

The iPass report was based on 2,300 responses from mobile workers at more than 1,100 businesses worldwide. Respondents were surveyed on their productivity, efficiency, work habits and how the mobile work lifestyle was affecting their health.

Here’s a little video from iPass explaining enterprise mobility trends and mobile usage: