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Apple’s Latest iPhone XR Ad Says ‘Make Room for Colour’ [VIDEO]

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Apple has been marketing the iPhone XR aggressively lately, as we’ve seen the company tout enticing trade-in offers on the front of its website and in recent email marketing to customers.

Iphone xr ad make room colour

Now, the latest iPhone XR ad aired this morning, named ‘Make room for color’, aims to sell this device “with the best battery life in an iPhone”:

Make room for color. See the all-screen Liquid Retina display on iPhone XR with the best battery life in an iPhone.

Check out the new ad below–a bunch of people are running around in clothing with the same colours from the iPhone XR line up:

After watching this iPhone XR ad, it reminded of an old-school Super Mario Bros. 3 ad from Nintendo #nostalgia:

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