iPhoneinCanada.ca Forums: Upgraded and Running!

Are you a member of the iPhoneinCanada.ca Forums? During the initial launch of the iPhone 3G in Canada these forums were bustling with exclusive upgrade details from X1Zero. People couldn’t stop talking about the iPhone launch in Canada.

As time went on, the forums hit a bit of a speed bump but we’re happy to announce they are back up and running. They have been updated to the latest version of vBulletin and we are happy to announce the forums are back! This is the the premier gathering place for Canadian iPhone fans. Have an issue to discuss? Bring them to the forums!

We are still working out some kinks, but in the meantime, please register and get ready for some amazing giveaways.

Special thanks to Darren from iDev Creations for his quick work in getting the forums back up and running!

Click here to visit the iPhoneinCanada.ca Forums!