iPhone’s Resale Value Remains Higher Than Latest Galaxy Models, Reveals Study

A recent study by investment bank Piper Jaffray has found out that Apple’s iPhone depreciates at a rate less than half that of latest Android smartphones from Samsung, AppleInsider is reporting. Piper Jaffray’s iPhone resale value index results suggest that despite being 46% more expensive than the Galaxy S III, the iPhone 5 shed 11.2% of its value compared to 13.7% for the Samsung handset.

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The study compared U.S. eBay auction prices for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. The highest performing handset in the study was the iPhone 4S, which managed to lose only 7% of its value over the two month period. Coming in second was the iPhone 4, which lost 8.8%, followed by the iPhone 5. Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II were the biggest losers, dropping 13.7% and 15%, respectively.

According to analyst Gene Munster, the index is “a pulse on what consumers are willing to pay for unsubsidized phones in the US. “The key takeaway from 8 weeks of data is that the iPhone is holding slightly more of its value compared to the top two Galaxy phones,” Munster wrote.

As noted in the report, decreased auction pricing for the iPhone would suggest existing owners are expecting a new version, and are flooding the market by selling off their handsets in preparation of a next-gen model. A dip in value could also point to a shift in preference toward the Galaxy lineup.

Munster however added that the iPhone resale value will continue to decline as we approach the next iPhone launch by the end of September this year.