iPod Touch, Classic, Nano Prices Updated; Apple Store Closed for Updates

It seems that some of the predictions about the Apple iPod Event are starting to come true.

On Wednesday at the annual Apple iPod Event, the iPod maker posted its iPod prices across the entire product line. Shortly after, the Apple Store went down for updates.

iPod Touch

  • 8GB iPod Touch: $219
  • 32GB iPod Touch: $329
  • 64GB iPod Touch: $429 (new capacity)

iPod Nano

  • 8GB iPod Nano: $169 (Yellow/Red Apple Store Exclusive)
  • 16GB iPod Nano: $199 (Yellow/Red Apple Store Exclusive)

iPod Classic

  • 160GB iPod Classic: $279 (new capacity)

iPod Shuffle

  • 2GB iPod Shuffle: $69
  • 4GB iPod Shuffle: $89
  • Special Edition 4GB Polished Stainless Steel: $109 (new) (Apple Store Exclusive)
  • SE Shuffle

This is definitely the first of many changes expected to come today at the Apple iPod Event.