Ipsos Reid: iPhone Users Have Five Times More Apps Than Blackberry Users

Ipsos Reid has published a new report about Canadians using mobile apps.

The report reveals that 3 in 4 users who own a smartphone have downloaded at least one mobile app. The report further reveals that app usage is significantly impacted by the operating system of the device.

For example, the study shows that almost every iPhone user (96% of those surveyed) has downloaded an App. In comparison, 59% of Blackberry users have downloaded at least one App and Android users fall in the middle with about 66% of users downloading at least one App.

On average, Smartphone users estimate they have 19 Apps on their device at any one time (the average number of Apps for a Tablet is higher at 25). The number goes up considerably among Apple iPhone users, who report five times more Apps than BlackBerry users (34 Apps versus 6 Apps).

As for app preferences, it looks like Canadians favour weather, games, and social networking apps the best.

How many apps do you have on your iPhone?

*Thanks Billy!