Ipsos Reid Study Shows Metro Vancouver Wants Regulations for Uber


A new poll from Ipsos Reid shows that ride-sharing services, like Uber and Lyft, should be required to meet the same regulations as taxis if they are allowed to operate in British Columbia.

The poll, which surveyed 800 people, was commissioned by the Vancouver Taxi Association and shows that many people expect that drivers of ride-sharing companies should be licensed, insured, and have their vehicles properly inspected. The study shows that people have the same expectations across taxi services and ride-sharing services.

Senior vice-president of Ipsos Reid Public Affairs Kyle Braid said:

“In this particular case you can add to the list that when there is a new service like this, people have expectations that government will look after safety and consumer protection. I think the key word here is safety. If you look at the issues here that rise to the top, most of them are around vehicles passing safety checks, drivers passing police checks and being licensed and insured.”

The survey conducted in the Vancouver area showed that:

– 67 percent of respondents believe ride-sharing should be subject to the same regulations as taxis.

– 95 percent say vehicles must pass regular safety inspections.

– 93 percent say drivers should pass police background checks.

– 87 percent say drivers must be licensed for a vehicle for hire.

– 84 percent say drivers should have proper commercial insurance.

Carolyn Bauer, president of the taxi association, said the study shows that the public isn’t willing to compromise on security and safety. The survey results were released at the same time as Uber is pushing the provincial government to adjust its regulations and legislations to allow ride-sharing services to operate in B.C.

[via The Province]