iRobot ‘Hazard’ Warning: Roomba i7 Clean Base Needs Replacement Power Cord ASAP

iRobot sent out an email today to customers, warning them of a potential short circuit issue related to its Roomba i7+ Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal docking station.

“We are reaching out because our records indicate you have purchased a Roomba i7+ robot vacuum. We are writing to make you aware of a potential issue with the Roomba i7+ Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal docking station,” explained iRobot in an email.

“We have learned that certain Roomba i7+ Clean Base docking stations could malfunction and potentially present a hazard if liquids are collected by the Roomba® i7+ robot vacuum and deposited into the Clean Base unit. Our vacuums are only designed for cleaning up dirt and debris from dry floors and carpets and should never be used to pick up any liquids,” says iRobot.

After customers click on their serial number link and submit their mailing address, iRobot says a replacement power cord will be mailed out in 7-10 business days.

“Please note this issue is specific to certain Clean Base docking stations; it does not involve the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum itself. In addition, this issue only affects certain Clean Base units for the Roomba® i7+ robot vacuum and not any other Roomba models,” explains Ledia Dilo, Senior Director, iRobot Global Customer Care, in an email obtained by iPhone in Canada.

“We apologize for this inconvenience, and we sincerely appreciate your patience as we work as quickly as possible to resolve this issue,” added Dilo.

If you have one of these Roombas and the automatic docking station (as seen in our s9+ review), you already know you need to ‘prep’ your home before you start your robot. The replacement cord and warning looks to pre-empt those situations where people happen to be vacuuming up water they don’t know about.

Update: clarified to note this only affects the i7+ base and not s9+ base.