Is your iPhone the Primary Source of Internet at Home?

With more and more people subsribing to data plans in Canada, it appears the days of only using your desktop at home for Internet are coming to an end.

A new study by IDC Canada reported 40% of Canadians accessed the Internet using a mobile device in January of 2011. Rogers also reported 45% of connections made to its network in the first quarter of 2011 were via a smartphone (it was 33% a year ago).

With the proliferation of new wireless entrants and affordable smartphones, wireless usage growth continues to accelerate in Canada. Especially with native tethering capabilities (Personal Hotspot) on the iPhone and generous 6GB data plans, it’s possible to eliminate home Internet subscriptions. I’ve had a friend who managed to survive with only his iPhone as his primary source of Internet for almost a year (his Dell laptop had crapped out on him).

Is your iPhone the only source of Internet at home?