Mayor John Tory Calls on Food Delivery Apps to Lower Commissions

Earlier this week, the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association urged food delivery apps like Uber Eats who are charging as much as 30% per order for themselves to reduce their commissions and now, Mayor John Tory is also calling on food delivery companies to consider lowering their cuts during the COVID-19 crisis (via CP24).


Tory said that food delivery apps should consider helping restaurants that are already struggling during the Coronavirus pandemic stay afloat. He added that large commissions charged by these companies have made it difficult for restaurants across Ontario to get by which are now entirely reliant on them.

“There are restaurants that are really struggling. They welcome having the business but the commissions that are being taken from them – in the 30 per cent range,” said Tory.

“They are actually sort of losing money in some cases. So I hope that we can get one of those delivery companies to show some leadership. I hope we can see one of them come forward and say we are going to take the lead here and say that for a temporary period during the emergency we are going to reduce our commissions so that these restaurants can stay in business.”

Tory revealed that he is “actively” talking with representatives from popular delivery companies about reducing their commissions and remains hopeful that there will be a widespread show of goodwill.