Here’s Why Jony Ive’s Photo Disappeared from Apple’s Management Page

Jony ive 250x285

Earlier today, a photo of Jony Ive, Apple’s SVP of Design, disappeared from the company’s management page, following which a lot of heat was observed all over Twitter. The photo however reappeared soon after and it turns out that it was merely a “technical glitch” as the page was being updated by Apple, Re/Code is reporting.

“Not exactly Sherlock Holmes territory, but it is a holiday in the U.S and there is not much tech news out there, so I decided to investigate. And though famously secretive, the tech giant has not yet reached the level of Kremlin photo homicide as yet, although it did remove a photo of top exec Bob Mansfield ahead of a change in his job at the company. “

Investigating the matter, Kara Swisher emailed and asked Apple PR about the “mystery of the disappearing Jony”. An Apple spokesperson responded after a few minutes, noting that it was a technical glitch as the company management page was being updated. “It’s up now, no big deal”, he replied.

There you go, the mystery of the disappearing Jony Ive photo has been solved!