Latest Cover of The New Yorker Sketched with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Artist Jorge Colombo has used the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to sketch the latest cover of The New Yorker magazine, while also providing a time-lapse video showing how the sketch was created. “It’s one of my favorite places to hang out,” Colombo said about the park he sketched. He added that he now works almost exclusively on iPhone or iPad, switching from a mix of watercolor and ink.


Here’s what the artist said about the drawing:

“I live down the street, in Brooklyn Heights, so I go there all the time, either to take the East River Ferry or just to relax by the water. It is a magnet—people come from all of Brooklyn’s many neighborhoods just to take a selfie by the waterfront or picnic by the water. This was a risky drawing to make, though: I kept worrying that the ball would hit me or the iPad.”

The following video captures Colombo’s work as he sketches this week’s cover on an iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil: