Just Mobile: AluPlug and HoverDock for iPhone [Review]

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Premium mobile and desktop accessories maker Just Mobile recently sent us a couple of their new products to try out i.e. the AluPlug USB wall charger and the HoverDock charging dock for the iPhone, and I must say, I’m really impressed with each of these for not only being elegant but also proving to be very efficient in daily use. In fact, I’ve dumped all the other chargers and docks I own ever since I got these. Find out more right after the jump.

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The AluPlug (shown above) is a “luxury USB wall charger”, as Just Mobile describes it, and I simply couldn’t agree more. Clad in high-grade aluminum with exquisite ridged finishing, it looks and feels high-end from every angle. It has a decent bit of weight to it and the moment you pick it up, you realise its not your regular plastic USB charger. Even the official Apple charger feels cheap in comparison. It is offered in two socket types, one for the US and Canada, and the other for European countries.

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In addition to its premium build quality, whats sets the AluPlug apart from the other USB chargers is its charging efficiency. The built-in smart IC charges devices noticeably faster by auto-detecting and intelligently allocating required maximum current to each device. It also has overload protection built-in, and offers faster charging at up to 2.4A via each of its two USB ports. You can grab one for yourself online at $29.95.

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Just Mobile’s HoverDock is also a great, minimalistic accessory for the iPhone. Encased in an exquisite unibody aluminum disc, the charging stand has a hollow soft-touch plastic body with smart cable storage, which allows you to easily adjust the cable length. It’s also very sturdy and is fully compatible with most iPhone cases, even the more hefty ones. I love how you can also rotate the iPhone when docked over the disc, which makes it perfect for use as a bedside clock at night.

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Overall, this low-profile charging podium for the iPhone definitely adds a refined touch to your desktop and I have no problems giving it my highest recommendation. You can order the HoverDock for $34.95 at just-mobile.com.