Updated Kodak Moments App Uses AI to Find Forgotten Gems in Your Photos


Popular Kodak Moments app for iOS has just been updated with the inclusion of a new Facebook chatbot, both of which will now scour your photos on Facebook, as well as those stored in your iPhone, to pick out the images that qualify as a “Kodak Moment”. As reported by Engadget, the feature works quite well and helps you find those “forgotten gems” in your photo library you might want to see again.

“Both the updated “Kodak Moments” app from the company and its Moments Assistant Facebook bot use algorithms and AI to figure out which of your photos might be worth resurfacing. They take into account things like location, facial recognition, quality, relationships, engagement and photo tagging in order to find meaningful photographs that you might want to see again”.

Once the app picks up a Kodak Moment, it displays that photo placed into dozens of premium photo gifts, such as Photo Prints, Photo Books, Custom Cards, Holiday Cards, Birthday Cards, Photo Collages, and more.

Kodak Moments’ Chief Marketing Officer Rob Smith says that once the app displays images that people may have forgotten about on premium products with an option to immediately physically share, “we expect to make money from the prints and the photo-products that we sell”.

You can try out the app and see how it works for free, using the following App Store link:

Download Kodak Moments for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]