Larger Google Nexus May Be a Google/Samsung Hybrid


It seems that Google has enjoyed enough success with the 7″ version of their Nexus tablet that they are working on a 10″ version, produced in partnership with Samsung. The larger tablet may be seen as a more direct competitor with the iPad than the previous version, something that would likely thrill Samsung even more than Google if they were successful in beating out Apple for market-share.

The updated tablet is rumoured to have a higher-pixel-density display than the third-generation iPad, boasting an impressive 2,560×1,600 resolution. While little else is known about what the new tablet may include, it is expected to be a high end device (and may carry a much higher price-tag similar to what we see with the iPad).

While no official product launch has been announced, supply-chain indications seem to confirm that the product is a sure-thing; not to mention that a product-partnership between Google and Samsung makes sense with the pair already working together on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

What may be more surprising is that the $99 Google Nexus bargain-tablet rumoured earlier this fall doesn’t involve Samsung at all; that hardware is expected to be developed with the help of Asus.

Would a comparably-priced 10″ Google Nexus tablet persuade you away from purchasing an iPad?