LastPass Password Manager Drops Support for Native macOS App

LastPass, the freemium password manager designed to create a safe place to keep all your passwords by encrypting them for online access, has announced today they will be dropping support for their native macOS app and replacing it with a web browser-based application.

A new report from The Verge explains that LastPass has sent emails to users of the old Mac app informing them of the switch. The company cites changes made by Apple in Safari, and says the switchover is happening to “provide the best experience for our customers.”

The news was communicated to users via email this week and explained that LastPass is making the change to “provide the best experience for our customers”. The Verge explains a little more:

Changes made by Apple in Safari 12 in 2018, which were designed to push developers toward offering browser extensions through native Mac App Store apps instead of the soon to be deprecated Safari Extension Gallery. While other apps, like 1Password, updated to implement the new system with their native apps, LastPass has decided to just remove support for the old native app entirely.

Here’s what the company has to say about the changes:

Users of the new Mac App will have the same experience, plus access to features such as the Sharing Center, Security Challenge, Emergency Access, Account Settings, additional Hot Keys, and more.

Behind the scenes, the technology of the app works a little differently.  The original LastPass Mac App was built with native Mac technologies, and this new one is built with technologies shared with our LastPass apps.  Having all of our apps on one technology provides users with consistent experience across all platforms and quicker access to the latest functionality and security updates.

The app also includes the LastPass Safari web browser extension.  This means if you use Safari, you can enable the LastPass web browser extension for Safari.  If you do not use Safari, that’s fine and no further action is needed after you download the new Mac App.

The new extension system has been built with technology developed in LastPass’ mobile apps, making it overall easier to maintain across different platforms. The downside is that the switch lacks some of the functionality of the Mac app, including system-wide hotkeys.