Latest Next Gen iPhone Rumors Round Up

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you gotta love the weeks leading up to any Apple event. Rumors go whizzing past our screens left, right and center. Just who do you believe? Who knows, but the fact is all these juicy rumors just build up even more anticipation of what’s coming our way.

Rogers to Sell the “Next iPhone” in July/August?

When I read this BGR report about Rogers selling the “next iPhone” in July/August, I wasn’t inclined to post about it immediately. I mean, the information provided was so vague that it can be a given that any new iPhone would be offered in the summer. All that was given was it a 3 year contract would be required and the phone would not be able to be bought outright. I’d like to hear more about the supposed plight of Fido iPhone users!


Next iPhone to have Double the Power?

John Gruber over at Daring Fireball has had some success with his predictions of what’s coming next from Apple. He is putting his money towards the next iPhone have double the CPU power, a video-capable camera, and new 16GB/32GB capacities in the same $199/$299 pricepoints.

I do agree that the next iPhone must have some significant hardware upgrades in order for iPhone enthusiasts to upgrade emphatically without question. Mobile video uploading is quickly catching on as the norm, and we all know Apple likes to lead the industry. Videos eat up memory fast, so larger capacity hard drives are absolutely necessary.

Plus, more processing power will allow Apple to conquer the Palm Pre and its launch, which has been courageously scheduled to start the day before the WWDC 2009.

32GB iPhone Advertised by T-Mobile Austria?

This rumor is interesting. Blame it on the mobile carriers to spill the beans on Apple’s iron clad secrecy when it comes to revealing new products. The Austria T-Mobile website had an ad that was quickly removed advertising a 32GB iPhone.


Also, within this same report by MacRumors, Vodafone stores were sent emails that 16GB iPhones have been marked “end of life” by their suppliers. These are the little slip ups can provide more clues towards an imminent iPhone line up refresh.

iPhone to Get iTunes TV and Movies?

This rumor is also interesting because the supposed leak comes from an ad within the recently updated TwitterFon twitter app. Upon clicking on the ad, it takes you to a “TV” section within iTunes. I’m not sure if this rumor would come true, as downloading TV shows and movies over the air would drastically waste your iPhone’s battery. Definitely an interesting one though.


Once again as a new week begins, expect new rumors to fly. I’m going to put my money on Steve Jobs to announce the next iPhone when he comes back at the end of June. In terms of features, I would expect new features such as upgraded CPU, memory, and camera, all in a thinner design than the current 3G model.

Regardless of when the next iPhone is released, I’m still salivating at getting my hands on the final release of iPhone OS 3.0, which has taken a seat on the backburner with all these next gen iPhone rumors. When the first week of June rolls around, get ready for some mobile action with Android and Palm clashing heads with Apple!

What rumors do you think are the most likely to be true from what you’ve heard so far? I bet some of you want new iPhone colors, such as Hot Pink, Candy Red, and Canary Yellow, right? 😛