Layar Augmented Reality Browser Available In Canada; iPhone 3GS Is Next!!

Layar has announced that their second generation Reality browser is now available world wide on Android devices.

For those that do not know what Layar is, Layar uses the camera on your device to display real time digital information over top of what you see through the camera lens. In other words, on top of the camera screen that you are looking at is a layer of 3D location-based content that is completely interactive.

So for example, using your device camera, Layar can show you popular locations such as restaurants, stores, local city information and many other results all through a 3D layer overlaid on your live camera screen.

Currently Layar has support from numerous third-party developers including Flickr, Yelp, Google and Twitter with more coming in the near future.

Well, for the iPhone faith this does not really mean much right away because right now it is an Android-only thing, but Layar does have a future on our beloved device.

Aside from augmented reality apps being available with iPhone firmware 3.1, Layar CTO Dirk Groten has been quoted saying:

The next platform on which Layar will be available is the iPhone 3GS. We are currently investigating other platforms that support our functionalities.

w00t w00t!! iPhone 3GS FTW! Sadly, there seems be no support for iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G users (another reason to upgrade to the 3GS?).