Leaked Pre-Production iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Cases Compared to an iPhone 4S

Just a day and half before the announcement of the iPhone 5 at Apple’s media event, leaked pre-production cases for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini have been posted to the web.

MacRumors reports one of their readers has sent in a picture of the purported cases, and compares them to an iPhone 4S and current generation iPad case. The cases are based on leaked specifications coming out of Foxconn supply lines and created by case manufacturers to prepare for the inevitable launch of the next generation devices.

Check out the image below; note the taller iPhone 5 case next to the iPhone 4S–both are sitting within the purported iPad Mini case, resting within an iPad 3 case:

The cases may not reveal much in terms of detail, but do give a general comparison of two upcoming devices compared to the iPhone 4S. You can see more over at this Flickr gallery where the images are posted.