Leaked Schemetic Hints at Triple-Lens Camera System in 2019 iPhone

A new alleged leak of the 2019 iPhone chassis schematic shared by serial phone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, more commonly known with his Twitter handle @OnLeaks, has revealed a triple-lens rear camera system in a triangular arrangement (via MacRumors).

The above schematic, which was also posted on Slashleaks together with a previous CAD rendering of the 2019 iPhone, depicts a handset with a large patch on the rear that appears to house three lenses.

According to Hemmerstoffer, the new chassis leak confirms his earlier claim that at least one version of the next-generation iPhone will feature a rear triple-lens camera system in a triangular configuration:

“In January, Hemmerstoffer released renderings of the supposed iPhone 2019 model, with a similar unusual-looking patch on the rear for three lenses, a flash, and a mic. A few days later, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is planning on introducing a triple-lens camera system in at least one of the iPhones coming in 2019, while Bloomberg seemingly confirmed the rumor later the same month.”

Hemmerstoffer has also claimed in the past that one rear camera will be 10 megapixels, while a second will come in at 14 megapixels. No details have been shared so far regarding the third camera.