Limited Edition Apple Store Pins Available In Vancouver

Months before the Vancouver 2010 Olympics began, people began pin trading. The Hudson Bay Company, as well as other retailers were selling Olympic themed pins that people have been trading like crazy!

With the start of the Olympics last week, pin trading has become one of largest activities in Vancouver! From The Bay, Coca-Cola, all the nations (athletes are giving/trading their country pins too!), and more, everyone is pin trading.

To join the fun, Apple has designed special limited edition pins for Vancouver! They are not Olympic themed at all, but they are very awesome and like everything at Apple, are very high quality.

There are two sets of pins available (free) and one of each set will be available at the two different Apple Stores in Vancouver. Pin set 1 is a red iPod Nano with a maple leaf on the screen. Pin set 2 is two small square pins, one with a maple leaf and one with an Apple logo.

People that have already received pins have mentioned to us that the iPod Nano version is available at the Apple Store Oakridge Centre and the other set is available at the Apple Store Pacific Centre in Downtown Vancouver.

Reports also indicate that both stores seem to be giving away 500 – 1,000 pins per day, which basically translates to the first few hours after the morning store opening.

The Apple pins are a Vancouver exclusive and will definitely not be back once the Olympics are over. So if you want to grab some rare Apple swag, get going and get there early!