London City Council Votes for Cameras, Uber Reconsiders Local Operations

City Council in London, Ontario, voted in favour of mandatory in-car security dash cams for Uber drivers, a move which would match existing requirements for taxis in the city.

Council voted 7-6 late Tuesday for dash cams after a lengthy debate; a final vote will take place in two weeks. Council also adopted a fee structure which Uber preferred, at $50,000 annually and 11 cents for the city for every ride, dismissing the previous regulatory fee crafted by city staff.

Susie Heath, a spokeswoman for Uber Canada, told the London Free Press, “It’s important to note that no city globally requires cameras in ride-sharing vehicles,” adding “Requiring Uber drivers to install cameras in their vehicles presents significant barriers to entry for people in London hoping to earn a flexible income, without any proven impact on the safety of riders and drivers.”

There are currently 960 registered Uber drivers in London, says the company.

The company added they will have “more to say in the coming days,” suggesting the company may be mulling its future in the city, due to the increased financial burden on its operations in London.

Traditional taxi companies have long urged city council to force Uber to adopt cameras too, to prevent a “double standard”. Back in December, an Uber driver in London was charged with sexual assault against a passenger. London’s bylaw chief suggested dash cams could have prevented the incident.