London Police Issued Over 130 Tickets During Thanksgiving Weekend

London Police were out in full force over the Thanksgiving weekend in an attempt to crack down on distracted drivers.

Between October 6th and October 9th, London Police handed out a total of 137 tickets to drivers who were distracted, speeding, aggressive, and impaired. Here is a full breakdown of the charges laid:

  • Speeding: 21
  • Aggressive: 3
  • Distracted: 10
  • Impaired driving: 6
  • Lack of seatbelt use: 6
  • Other traffic-related charges: 91

In a statement, Sgt. Sean Harding said:

“Seatbelt use, aggressive, impaired and distracted driving are behaviours that continue to put drivers passengers and other road users at risk. The London Police Service will continue to work on public compliance to our traffic laws with the goal of improving road safety.”

London Police also reported a total of 79 collisions over the weekend, which is noticeable down from last year’s 111 collisions during the same weekend.

[via CBC News]