Latest macOS Sierra Beta Warns Users If Display Draws Too Much Power

The battery life of the latest-generation MacBook Pros seems to vary by user due to different usage factors, but you may be, as others are, angry about your poor battery life. So far, Apple’s software has warned users if any app is drawing too much power, but with the latest macOS beta, Apple went a step further (via MacRumors).

If you are using a MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra, you may be familiar with the information you get by clicking on the battery icon displayed in the menu bar. This feature allows users to monitor apps using significant energy: think Safari (I see it quite often, as I have many tabs open) or Spotlight and more.

Mac significant energy display brightness

The latest beta version goes beyond that: it also includes the display brightness. When a Mac’s display is set above 75% brightness, a new item appears under the battery menu called “Display Brightness”. If you click on that, it lowers the display’s brightness to 75%.

Since the battery life of the new MacBook Pro has been quite a controversial topic – users most affected seem to those with the Touch Bar – this small feature addition could help you better monitor your Mac and improve battery life.