Macs with T2 Chips Must Pass Diagnostics to Work After Repairs, Confirms Apple

Last month, it was reported that newer Macs with Apple’s T2 security chip will need to run a proprietary Apple diagnostics tool to properly function after performing certain repairs and today, Apple has officially acknowledged that it is indeed the case, especially for repairs involving components like the logic board or the Touch ID sensor (via The Verge).


Both the latest MacBook Pro and the iMac Pro from last year feature Apple’s T2 chip, which is basically a co-processor responsible for Apple’s newest and most advanced security features.

According to Apple, repairs involving the display assembly, logic board, top case, and Touch ID board for the MacBook Pro, and the logic board and flash storage on the iMac Pro require an “AST 2 System Configuration suite” to be run to properly function, which Apple only distributes to Apple Stores and certified ASPs.

“Apple confirmed to The Verge that the display assembly should require the diagnostic tool, but it is unclear why iFixit was able to swap logic boards and still boot the machines. One possible explanation is that iFixit used components already validated by Apple, and the diagnostic tool may only be required for brand-new, unused components.”

Apple has, however, said that a vast majority of repairs can be conducted without needing the diagnostic tool and that majority of Mac owners will never be in the position of needing to replace a logic board or Touch ID sensor on their own.