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Make Your Own 5-Inch iPhone Right Now with This Printable Model

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Far-stretching rumours have claimed Apple is set to launch a larger iPhone this year and we’ve seen mockups of what a larger device could look like too. But now you can print your own papercraft model to experience what a potential larger iPhone design would feel like in your hands.

MacRumors hired CiccareseDesign to make a 3D model of a larger iPhone with 5-inch screen and has released PDF drawings so you can print and construct it yourself at home.

Iphone 5 inch

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We haven’t tried this out yet but it would be a great gift for your children.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stressed the current 4-inch display on the iPhone 5 is the “right one” for the company as they have “put a lot of thinking into screen size.” A 5-inch iPhone could take away from one-handed operation, a feature Apple has stressed as a major advantage the iPhone 5 has over some of its larger Android competitors.

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