MaxStone: iPhone your Camera [Kickstarter]

A new Kicksterter project by the name of MaxStone is a wireless remote that lets you control your DSLR camera using your smartphone, and much more. The small device is basically a smartphone controlled camera shutter, Bluetooth device locator and remote smartphone shutter trigger all in one.

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Created by Will E and Lia Zhang, the MaxStone connects with cameras using IR, meaning the device can only work for cameras with an IR receiver. It is powered by a single watch battery, and attaches to the camera in a way that it covers the shutter button, and hangs down a small main body in front of the camera’s IR sensor. The device then connects to the iPhone using Bluetooth, allowing users to remotely trigger the camera’s shutter from their smartphone.

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The device also offers a Bluetooth proximity alarm sensor, as well as operate as a remote shutter for your iPhone camera. The project has already raised more than double its original goal of $50,000, with 27 days still to go. If you’d like to make a pledge ($35 or more), head over to their Kickstarter page.