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McDonald’s Canada to Use Meta’s Workplace Communication Tool

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McDonald’s Canada has today announced it will be using Meta’s Workplace as a communication and shift management tool over the next 18 months, allowing over 1.9 million employees to collaborate over mobile.

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McDonald’s is already using Workplace in company-owned and participating restaurants to connect frontline teams, increase employee recognition, and seamlessly share information with its workforce, including via heavy use of Workplace’s Knowledge Library feature.

By deploying Workplace, McDonald’s has been able to reduce the time it takes for information to reach restaurant frontline employees by 34%.

“Workplace allows us to simplify and manage communication within our restaurants with a single, easy-to-use tool. But most of all, Workplace has been fundamental in helping us communicate throughout COVID, thanking our teams and being able to keep them updated on security measures and changing regulations impacting our business” said René Mirá, McDonald’s Franchisee.

Workplace is currently being used in eleven markets including Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovakia, and Poland, as well as various company-owned restaurants in the US.

Throughout 2022 and 2023 there are plans to deploy Workplace across Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland.

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