McDonald’s Piloting iPhone Ordering App in the U.S. to Skip Waiting in Line

Since every minute of our lives is carefully planned, waiting in line becomes an “activity” that everyone wants to avoid. That’s why McDonald’s is piloting an app that allows users to place their order ahead of their arrival and pay via their mobile devices without interacting with a cashier or waiting in line.

The app is called McD Ordering, and the pilot program is currently limited to 22 locations in the Columbus, Georgia area, reports Business Insider. Since the app is linked to a credit or debit card, it’s McDonald’s take on mobile payments, because it automatically charges the user when he/she checks into the store and scans the QR code.

Mcd ordering

Around 10 customers a day have been using the test app at one participating McDonald’s franchise, says Gabriel Perez, a shift manager at the location. “We haven’t really advertised it yet, but once we do it’s going to get big,” Perez says. “You don’t have to wait in line.”

McDonald’s has already shown interest in mobile ordering and mobile payments, and McD Ordering is the company’s take on mobile payments. Also, it is testing another app called McD App, which serves coupons and loyalty offers.

By launching both the couponing and mobile payment apps, McDonald’s will be able to collect more precise data from customers and precisely target profitable offers, an anonymous company executive revealed.

While there is no information about about a possible launch date, we hope this app will reach Canada shortly afterwards, as Canada is usually second after piloting in the U.S.