Apple Adds MFi Specs for Lightning to 3.5mm Output Cable, USB-C Ports

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple has detailed new specs for a Lightning to 3.5mm output cable and USB-C ports in its recently updated materials for manufacturers, allowing companies enrolled in the Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) licensing program to include USB-C receptacles on their officially certified iOS and Mac accessories for charging.

Lightning to 3 5mm audio output

Users will now be able to charge their MFi accessories with a USB-C cable or a power adapter they might already have, while also being able to draw power from the USB port on a Mac using the same cable. Apple’s documentation for the new specs lists battery packs and speakers as products that could benefit from using a USB-C receptacle. Products are also allowed to bundle USB-C cables with the MFi accessories.

“Using a USB-C receptacle has similar advantages as more users and devices adopt the standard including Apple’s own MacBooks, and it also allows accessory makers to create a single product that they can sell to both Apple users and other smartphone and PC users that are using USB-C but not necessarily Lightning cables.”

It must be noted however that even though some MFi accessories could use the USB-C port instead of Apple’s Lightning connector or micro-USB, the new specs do not necessarily suggest that Apple has plans to move away from Lightning.