Microsoft Office for iOS to Launch Early 2013

Microsoft Office Mobile has been confirmed and will hit the market sometime in 2013, The Verge’s sources report. You may recall that there was a lot of hype around Office Mobile earlier this year, but Microsoft denied those rumours, saying it has nothing to announce.

iOS Office Mobile

According to The Verge, Office Mobile will debut as free apps, allowing iOS and Android users to view MS Office documents on the go, the only condition being that the user must have a Microsoft account. Besides MS Word, the free applications will also support viewing PowerPoint and Excel documents, while editing will require an Office 365 subscription.

The Redmond-based company’s Czech Republic subsidiary revealed in a recent press release that Office Mobile apps will be available as of March 2013, but will arrive on the iOS platform sooner. This means iPhone and iPad users will be able to view and edit MS Office documents in late February or early March, while the Android version is scheduled to arrive in May.

Will you purchase an Office 365 subscription?