Microsoft Store Foolishly Dancing

Here is a great example of why the Microsoft stores are ridiculous.

Not only did Microsoft practically clone Apple Stores down to the name tag lanyards, but check out the video below on how a group of employees attempt to be spontaneous and just start dancing.

I’m all for being spontaneous, but there is a line that should not be crossed. This is a retail store, a place where people come to get information, learn, and make purchases. If I was at my local Apple Store and employees started dancing, I’d be frustrated because that means I now have an X number of employees not helping me.

I also find it amusing how these Microsoft Store employees even have time to dance! Contrast this with Apple Stores which seem to have 150 or more people in the store at any given hour. Even if an Apple Store wanted to do a little dance for 5 minutes, there just would not be the time or space to do so.

The entire display is rather embarassing. Frankly, it’s embarassing to even watch: