Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PlayStation 5 DualSense Controllers Now Available in Canada

Two new colour options for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller are now available in Canada. The galaxy-inspired ‘Midnight Black’ and ‘Cosmic Red’ controllers can be purchased through select retailers in the country.

Announced back in March, Sony is adding two new colour options to the DualSense family. Both controllers offer the same innovations developed specifically for the PlayStation 5 console. Both controllers feature advanced haptic feedback as well as adaptive triggers, heightening the immersion when playing a game. The DualSense has been recognized for its built quality and core features such as the built-in microphone, speaker, and touchpad.

PlayStation Canada gave us a chance to go hands-on with the new controllers.


The Midnight Black controller is a step in the direction many players hope to see Sony take in the future. The new black shell mixed with the slightly more off-black shade of the lower part meshes well. Seeing it in real life gave a lot of hope that a black PlayStation 5 console releases eventually.

The Cosmic Red is the standout of the two. The bright colour makes it stand out, especially against the white body of the PlayStation 5. Additionally, the new DualSense controllers aren’t just a simple swap of outer shells. Both controllers feature a similarly coloured D-pad as well as appropriately coloured face buttons with off-coloured symbols.

The Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense controllers are now available in Canada at a variety of retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, EB Games, and The Source. The Midnight Black controller is priced at $89.99 CAD while the Cosmic Red variant is priced at $94.99 CAD. More information can be found on PlayStation’s website.