Minecraft Earth Early Access for iOS and Android Goes Live in Canada

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality game that takes the Pokémon Go concept a big step further by letting people build all sorts of blocky creations as they walk down the streets. Today, early access to the game has expanded to Canada, South Korea, and the Philippines on both iOS and Android.

The free to play game focuses on collaboration and allows multiple players to work together transforming the traditionally single-minded AR gaming experience into a creative multiplayer environment.

Much like Nintendo’s Pokémon Go, users need to venture out into the real world to collect things. Instead of Pokéstops, Minecraft Earth has “Tapables” that are randomly placed in the world around you.

While Microsoft has yet to confirm an official launch date for Minecraft Earth, you can enjoy early access to the game in Canada by following the App Store link below.

Download Minecraft Earth for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [Direct Link]