Mobile Games Expected to Reach 60% Market Share in 2019

According to app analytics firm App Annie’s latest report on the state of mobile gaming in 2019 and beyond, mobile games are expected to reach 60% market share in gaming consumer spend this year. The report also points out that while Google Play dominates the install base, the App Store continues to lead in monetization.


Almost 33% of all worldwide downloads are games which demonstrates how consumers continue to engage with new gaming experiences. The report also notes that 74 cents of every dollar going through the App Store are driven by games, with 95% of those purchases coming as in-app purchases.

Games saw a year-over-year growth rate in consumer spend in 2018 of 15% for iOS and Google Play. Consumer spend in racing games grew 7.9x as fast as the market overall, whereas adventure games saw growth at roughly 5x the rate of games in general.

Some other key findings of the report include the following:

  • 6+ million games were released on Google Play by 2018
  • 1.1+ million games were released on iOS by 2018
  • Google Play sees the lion’s share of downloads worldwide, while iOS App Store leads in monetization — accounting for 64% of dollars spent worldwide
  • Google Play reaches more consumers while iOS has tapped those who are more willing or able to spend money on apps
  • Mobile gaming is bigger than every other channel — whether it be computers, home game consoles or handheld consoles.

While China is by far the largest gaming market, the US gamers seem to play more hyper casual games, driving more digital ad revenue.