Mobile Safari in iOS 5 Brings the Fastest HTML5 Performance

Back in March Apple updated Mobile Safari with improvements to its Nitro engine, allowing for increased performance. Around this time in April, Microsoft’s demo of their Phone 7 Mango demo was pitted against an iPhone (pre-Nitro) and Android browser in Microsoft’s own HTML5 speed test. 9to5Mac points out Mobile Safari scored 2 FPS versus Microsoft’s 26 FPS, but also the iPhone was rendering more pixels with its 640×960 Retina Display, causing it to lose badly. Here’s the video via winrumors:

Fast forward to Mobile Safari in iOS 5, which now appears to be supercharged because its HTML5 scores in that same Microsoft-designed test are now even better than IE 9 Mobile. Mobile Safari in iOS 5 can achieve frames per second scores of 31.

Here’s a video showing the performance of Mobile Safari in iOS 5 versus iOS 4.3:

Apple definitely added a HTML5 performance boost in Mobile Safari in iOS 5. You can try the test out yourself here. What score did you get?